Hello and thanks for visiting my blog!

This blog is about the joys and pains of homeownership! Pain when something’s broken and you don’t know how to fix it and the joy of satisfaction when you do figure out how to fix it. This blog is all about figuring things out.

I’m not a professional. I will bore you with very basic information. Because, that’s how blissfully ignorant I was when I first bought the house! (Hey, how do I drive a nail into this wall?!)

If you are a homeowner like me who likes to save some money by not calling a professional each time something conks off or you are simply someone with a curious mind who loves to get your hands dirty, you might actually enjoy this blog!

The tools I talk about are mostly about the products I use or have used in the past. Doesn’t mean they are the best, but I try to avoid talking about products I haven’t used myself.

That is my promise to you.